Mudslides, flooding block entrances to Mt. Rainier National Park

Mudslides, flooding block entrances to Mt. Rainier National Park
WSDOT tweeted out a photo showing debris on SR 706 on Sunday. (WSDOT)

All roads leading into Mount Rainier National park, including State Route 706, are closed until further notice, WSDOT officials said.

According to a park news release, heavy rain and saturated soil caused mudslides and flooding, which caused roads to be blocked.

>>Crystal Mountain closed through the weekend due to multiple mudslides on SR-410

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An emergency access route had to be created to evacuate guests at the National Park Inn and staff from Longmire.

On Friday and Saturday, the National Park Service staff and Pierce County Fire District 23 and the Pierce County Department of Emergency Management evacuated people stranded by the floodwaters near the park’s entrance, officials said.

There will be essential staff who will remain on duty within the park to maintain emergency access and services for those who are stranded outside the park and other staff, as well as secure critical water, wastewater, electrical and other infrastructure inside the park, according to officials.

Park officials said continued flooding is causing damage to roads, trails and historic structures within park boundaries.

Access to the Carbon River area is also blocked due to a significant washout on Pierce County’s Fairfax Forest Reserve Road, according to the release.

Officials said they will assess a detour as Fairfax Forest Reserve Road will require a longterm closure.

State Route 410 was blocked by four slides but a stretch of the road has reopened to local traffic to milepost 48, WSDOT officials said Sunday.

A more in-depth evaluation of the roads and infrastructure inside the park will happen once the rain slows, the waters recede and critical systems are protected, park officials said.

Drivers are being asked to stay away from SR 706 for their safety.