Mother, loved ones gather to commemorate Fourth of July homicide victim with vigil

TACOMA, Wash. — Family and friends of 27-year-old Alec Mercado, who was shot and killed on July 4th, held a vigil Saturday night at the spot where it all happened. Alec’s mother, Chana, tells KIRO 7 her son was a sweet and caring person who would give anyone the shirt off his back.

“He loved everybody. And for him to be taken this way….it was wrong,” Mercado said.

“And to see him gone, it hurts my heart and my mothers heart and my family,” Aaron Bailey, Alec’s brother, said.

Not only did she witness her son being shot, she also drove him to the hospital because 911 wasn’t answering their calls due to their call log being so backed up that day from other non-emergency calls. She also claims police didn’t arrive on scene until after they had gotten to the hospital. And because of this shooting, Chana says her family is looking to live elsewhere.

“It’s out of control. I don’t even want to be in Tacoma. I’m looking somewhere else,” Mercado said.

The Mercado family hoped that whoever caused them this pain is caught soon.

“We all have one ask. And that is that guy turn himself in,” Mercado said.

And until then, Chana said she plans to continue to fight for justice for her son.

“This will not be another unsolved homicide. I hear about them all the time. And no matter what, until my last breath I will fight for him,” Mercado said.

If anyone knows who this person is, they are urged to give Tacoma Police a call.