More Memorial Day air travelers expected this year at SEA

SEATAC, Wash. — The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) expected to screen over 365,000 passengers leaving Seattle-Tacoma International Airport from Thursday through Tuesday.

That is a nearly 10 percent increase from last year.

Airport officials estimate 760,000 passengers will be departing and arriving at SEA over the holiday.

The busiest day travel day is expected to be Friday when TSA expects see around 70,000 departure passengers.

KIRO 7 caught up with passengers on Thursday, which TSA says is the second busiest of the holiday weekend.

“When we were driving, we didn’t even realize it is Memorial Day weekend, so it was like Holy Moses, where is all this traffic coming from,” said Rosie Stand.

“It’s stressful, I have like an hour almost to get onto my flight and I’m like stressing out,” said Brittany Sunders

Travelers are also having to navigate through all the construction inside the airport which has shut down one of the TSA checkpoints, making lines longer and causing tons of confusion.

“It’s quite a headache, it seems like Alaska is where a lot of the construction is happening, and there’s a lot of people flying out of Alaska,” said Sarah Thorpe

SEA recommends passengers download the FlySEA app, which provides wait times for all TSA checkpoints.


They also recommend using the SEA Spot Saver reservation system to skip the security lines.

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