Medina Police Department warns of imposter pretending to be member of local agencies

The Medina Police Department is warning the public of a person posing as a member of local police agencies.

The MPD said it was recently notified that several people were contacted by someone pretending to be a member of several agencies including the Medina Police Department, Clyde Hill Police Department, and Washington State Patrol.

The imposter allegedly told people that they were “involved in recent criminal activity in a likely attempt to solicit money or personal information.”

The MPD said no police department will ever call you asking for money.

It said if you are unsure, “immediately” call Medina Police at (425) 577-5656 for non-emergency police matters or at (425) 233-6420 for general questions.

“Additionally, as the holiday shopping season reaches its peak, care is certainly warranted while shopping online,” said the MPD. “The National Cybersecurity Alliance provides helpful recommendations to ensure your online shopping experience remains as secure as possible. Lastly, the Medina Police Department would like you wish everyone a very safe and happy holiday season.”