Maple Valley daycare loses its license and is under investigation

MAPLE VALLEY, Wash. — A Maple Valley daycare is no longer allowed to operate.

The Washington Department of Children, Youth and Families revoked ‘Discovery Playtown’s’ license as they began an investigation into one of their employees sexually preying on kids.

The investigation centers around employee Joseph Hefner.

Earlier this week KIRO 7 learned he was charged for sexually abusing two sisters from 2022 to 2023.

The older sister said they met Hefner through the daycare that the younger sister attended.

Hefner was already a child sex crime convict and was on the registry until 2021 when his record got expunged.

Attorneys handling the case tell KIRO 7 that he has a personal relationship with the daycare director and that is likely how he got hired.

PCVA Attorney Benjamin Watson sent the following statement to KIRO 7:

“The critical questions are how many other children are affected? How did Joseph Hefner, who appears to have been convicted of child sex crimes, was able to work at the daycare, and what the daycare knew about Joseph Hefner’s prior problems, particularly what the director and owners knew?”

PCVA believes there may be more victims out there and have confirmed that others have reached out to their law firm.

You can do the same if you are a victim or know anyone who might be.

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