Man sentenced 28 years for Renton woman's gruesome murder

This was a case that affected many people who never met Ingrid Lyne.

KIRO 7 was in Seattle's Central district the day after the grisly discovery of the first set of her remains. 
The prosecutor told the judge some of Lyne's remains still have not been uncovered.

"There was me telling them that mommy had died this weekend," said Phil Lyne. "And someone had hurt her so badly that she died. Then came the screaming and crying."

Man pleads guilty to murdering Renton mother he met online

Lyne described the moment in April, 2016, he told his three young daughters that his ex-wife, Ingrid, their mother, had been murdered.

"The defendant took something that weekend that didn't belong to him," Lyne said. "He took a friend, a niece, a cousin, an auntie, a daughter, a sister and a mother."

Nancy Sivitilli was Lyne's friend.

"You smothered her laugh," she said. "You crushed her smile. And you left us with the nightmare of the unimaginable."

Forty-year-old Ingrid Lyne had gone to a Mariner's game with John Charlton. He admitted he accompanied her back to her Renton home.

Police confident human remains are those of missing mother

He strangled her, used a pruning saw to dismember her body, and put her remains in bags. 
He then stole her car, drove to Seattle and dumped her remains in several recycling bins.

When his turn came, Charlton struggled to speak.

"I do agree that there are no words that can," he said, his voice breaking, his head bowed. 
"There's no words that can alleviate the pain that I've caused. And for that, I'm truly sorry."

Judge Julie Spector was unmoved.

"Nothing can soften the cruelty with which you carried out this murder," she told him.

With that, she sentenced Charlton to the maximum the law allowed, nearly 28 years in prison.

The family told the judge that they wanted Charlton to be sentenced to life in prison.

And she said she would have, if she could.

As it is, he will be nearly 70 years when he is eligible for release.

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