Seattle Rideshare Association urges lawmakers to take action as 2 drivers killed this year

Seattle police believe a rideshare driver shot and killed in the SoDo neighborhood Tuesday morning was likely a random carjacking.

Family members identify the victim as 52-year-old Amare Geda, a husband, dad to two young children, and a SeaTac resident.

Police said he was stopped at a curb near 1st Avenue South and South Walker Street when the suspect “appeared to randomly walk up on the victim as he was stopped along the curb”, according to an SPD blotter post.

Investigators said the shooter was not a rideshare customer based on the evidence gathered.

Officers responded around 3:30 a.m. Tuesday to find Geda with multiple gunshot wounds lying in the street. First responders tried to save him, but he died at the scene.

The suspect took off in the Geda’s 2014 light blue Toyota Prius, which has one mismatched rim on the right passenger side that is black instead of silver. It was last seen in West Seattle.

A relative, Habatamu Kabeto, told us that the suspect also stole Geda’s belongings after shooting him, then left him in the street and drove off in his car.

Kabeto said Geda has two little kids and worked multiple jobs to help support his wife and children. He described Geda as a family man who was well-known in the Ethiopian community because he always helped others when he could.

The family plans to bury him in Ethiopia and has started a GoFundMe to help with transportation costs, as well as to help care for his family.

The Seattle Police Department said if you see the Geda’s car call 911 immediately. Investigators believe the suspect(s) is armed and dangerous.

The Seattle Rideshare Drivers Association said in a post online that Geda worked at the airport during the day, and was a rideshare driver at night for 14 years.

“This is the second killing in the last six months. Seattle’s Uber and Lyft drivers are very concerned about their safety. How long will it take for the community and our local lawmakers to realize that the safety of drivers is the safety of riders?” the association said.

In January, another rideshare driver was shot and killed in Renton. Investigators believe that the shooting was also random.

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