Man asks police about his lost briefcase of cocaine outside Seahawks game

Coacine file photo

Police arrested a 19-year-old after he asked officers outside the Seahawks game if they’d found his missing briefcase full of cocaine.

Officer Doug Jorgenson was directing traffic at Occidental Avenue South and South King Street when a man approached him and handed over a briefcase.

The man said he’d been out walking his dog when another man had stopped to pet it on the street. After petting the dog, the second man walked off, leaving his briefcase behind.

Officer Jorgenson, hoping to identify the briefcase’s owner, opened it and discovered four large bags, and 27 smaller ones, filled with 154 grams of suspected cocaine.

The Seattle Police Department Blotter said the 19-year-old returned a short time later asking if they found the briefcase.

“It contained some important work paperwork and he really needed it back,” he reportedly told officers.

Police booked the man into King County Jail for drug trafficking.