Major airlines consider strike that could potentially cripple entire travel industry

If you’re making plans to fly over the holidays be aware there could be some major disruptions from big labor problems looming with Alaska, American, and United Airlines.

Travel experts say if pilots or flight attendants from even one of those airlines actually go on strike, it could cripple the entire travel industry. This means even if you’re not flying, both train travel, and even your rental car prices could spike.

Alaska, American, United, and Southwest have yet to agree on a labor contract with flight attendants. We’ve covered the informational pickets that have happened in SeaTac. All of them are now in federal mediation, and southwest pilots have voted overwhelmingly to strike.

Going on strike is not an easy option for airline workers, because the National Mediation Board has the authority to prevent a strike. It can also decide if an impasse has been reached and when negotiations start and stop.

All of those airlines have reported big profits in the tens of billions.

There are 6,500 flight attendants at Alaska Airlines who are working with a 2014 contract. They’re demanding a 40% raise to share in the profits they help generate.