Local doctor accused of running stem cell scam

A longtime local doctor is facing a major lawsuit that accuses her of passing off stem cell treatments that authorities say do not work.

The physician at the center of this case is Dr. Tami Meraglia.

According to a lawsuit filed by Washington’s attorney general, neither Dr. Meraglia nor anyone at the Seattle Stem Cell Center could provide proof that her stem cell treatments were actually effective.

Additionally, investigators say they couldn’t find scientific proof that stem cell treatments were helpful in treating the things Dr. Meraglia claimed to help cure, including COVID-19, heart failure, and Parkinson’s disease.

Back in 2019, KIRO 7 reported on Dr. Meraglia’s claims about treating people.

At the time, a University of Washington stem cell researcher said he wasn’t surprised by this controversy.

“Anytime somebody says you should pay for a stem cell therapy, you better watch your wallet because this is going to be, the chances this is an unapproved predatory clinic are very high,” said Dr. Charles Murry.

The Washington State Attorney General’s Office says Dr. Meraglia made more than $700,000 with her purported stem cell therapies.

The state is now accusing her of deceptive business practices and also passing off unproven treatments as legitimate research.