Lime scooter thrown from overpass slams into car on I-5 through Seattle

A Lime electric scooter was thrown off the overpass at northeast 45th Avenue and I-5 in Seattle Wednesday night.

“The scooter just dropped, and that’s when it got whole damage by the front hood, this whole thing must be replaced,” Nilesh Patel said. “This side mirror got broken out too.”

Patel said his son was driving his friend to the airport when it happened.

“By looking at this damage and just looking at here and my son was sitting there, I think I’m very thankful nothing happened to him -- it can be worse,” Patel said.

There have been incidents like this before. Back in 2021, a scooter was thrown off an overpass and crashed onto the busy lanes of I-5.

“This is an ongoing problem, so that’s when I got really frustrated because it’s been reported and nothing has been done yet,” Patel said.

Washington State Patrol said the person or people responsible for this most recent incident still have not been caught. They’re urging anyone who may have seen something to come forward.

Lime sent KIRO 7 a statement saying: “Lime began an investigation of this horrific incident as soon as we were made aware. We are in contact with the Seattle Department of Transportation and the Washington State Patrol and will cooperate with any investigation accordingly. We hope the person who committed this crime is identified and brought to justice.”