Lightning strike causes wildland fire on Orcas Island

During a storm in Western Washington, lightning touched down on Orcas Island and started a "small wildland fire," according to Kimberly Kimple with Orcas Island Fire and Rescue.

Kimple said lightning struck several trees just after midnight early Sunday on the east side of the island near Eagle Lake.

A responding fire crew was met with narrowing roads where the fire was burning, which delayed firefighters' ability to access the flames, officials said.

Officials said the crew had to walk with their equipment in hand and found the 10-by-10-foot fire burning multiple trees and brush.

The fire was contained and extinguished using hand tools and 200 gallons of water, authorities said. The crew experienced poor radio communications connections while out in the rural residential area.

Kimple said this about the communications issue: "It's an issue that the district is working on a solution for. With patients and personnel out there in life and death situations, it's imperative we find resolve sooner than later."

The crew was able to put out the fire within three hours.

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