At least 3 units displaced after car crashes into Everett apartment

Multiple families have been displaced in Everett after someone wrecked their car inside an apartment late Friday night. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

Everett police say the person has been taken into custody, but the damage caused by the car has displaced at least 3 units at the Woodbrook Apartment Homes.

“It’s really sad that 3 families and even the upstairs neighbor….There’s a little girl up there that plays with our boys, too. And now, she’s out of a house probably for a while,” Wyatt McNabb, who heard the crash, said.

McNabb says he knows the family that lives inside the apartment the car crashed into and claims to have heard the crash from his living room.

“I was up in my living room and all I heard was about 3 seconds of brakes and then a big loud crash that sounded like it happened right behind me,” McNabb said.

“And completely destroyed the whole corner support of the building,” McNabb said.

McNabb says even 24 hours later it is still hard to fathom.

“Like even in the morning it was so surreal and it looked way worse in the morning than it did at night,” McNabb said.

He says the guy who crashed into the apartment lives inside the complex. He also claims the same guy tried to take off from the scene, but he and several neighbors were able to convince him to stay until the cops showed up.

And while it’s not clear when these families will return home, Wyatt says the important thing here is that everyone is okay.

“It’s a community, you know. We have to take care of each other,” McNabb said.

Police say the driver was taken to the Snohomish County Jail and they are still working to determine if the driver was impaired during the crash.