Kent fatal hit-and-run possibly connected to dozens of shots fired and shooting

Surveillance video shows the tense moments after shots ring out in a Kent parking lot near Sam’s Sports Bar.

You can see people who are clearly hurt, but what you don't see is a deadly hit and run on the road right in front of the scene.

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The gunfire erupted at 1:47 a.m. Saturday.

“It’s crazy,” said Jinda Ghag, whose family owns KK’s Market. It’s cameras caught some of the chaos.

You see people ducking to take cover behind their vehicles. There’s a man crouching by an open driver’s seat door, as other people run away from the parking lot.

Kent police say two 21-year-old men were shot.

In the video, you see one man shot in the leg hopping toward a car.

The other man was shot in the arm and can be seen walking right in front of the surveillance camera, bleeding.

“It was shocking,” said Jus Malhi, a Kent resident who regularly shops at the plaza.

“It’s scary, you know? The way the shots came in,” Ghag said.

Kent Police say the incident started at or near Sam's Sports Bar and began with some sort of altercation.

Then dozens of shots rang out.

KK’s Market, the business next door was hit at least a dozen times.

Several rounds went through the glass, piercing shelves inside.

“Luckily it was late at night, not in the evening or the business hours because one of the bullets went through the window and it's like – could’ve gone through straight through the cashier inside,” Malhi said.

Kent Police say at the same time of this shooting, they also responded to a deadly hit and run on the road right in front of this plaza.

A 47-year-old man was killed.

An employee at Sam’s Sports Bar said the victim had been a customer there earlier in the night. He said he ran out to help, but the man died in his arms.

First responders attempted to revive him but were not successful.

Regulars at the plaza say crime seems to be increasing

“It's been getting worse day by day, I don't know why,” Malhi said. “It's bad for the customers, businesses, community everybody,” he said.

They’re asking Kent police for more presence, especially on the weekends.

“Cops should come by. They know this happens regularly now. They need to come and fix this problem before more people get hurt,” Ghag said.