It’s lavender season at JB Family Growers in Woodinville

WOODENVILLE, WASH. — The lavender season has just kicked off and the purple fields at JB Family Growers in Woodinville can be spotted from the main road.

The fields are open Wednesday through Sunday 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Admission is $10 for adults and $3 per child. Lavender is in full bloom right now and sunflowers are just about to reach their peak.

When you get to JB Family Growers, you’re able to not only admire the beautiful fields, but you can also take a bouquet of it home. You get a basket and clippers, and you can cut anything that’s growing.

However, JB Family Growers didn’t always plant lavender.

“As we were going through the pumpkin patch people would always ask if we were going to plant flowers,” said Marketing/Operations Manager Annabelle Nielsen.

After some thought, JB Family Growers put that idea into action. A plan was laid out and 15,000 lavender bushes were soon planted along with native wildflowers that soon took over the field.

“People come in and they’re just stunned and lavender has so many benefits by itself, but to come in and actually walk through the field and smell it, see the bees enjoying it, the butterflies around, it’s an epic experience and the gratitude I feel when people come to visit, that gives me so much joy when people come and experience it and enjoy it,” said Nielsen.