Is Mount Rainier venting? Scientists say no

Exciting video from Chopper 7 shows the appearance of venting at Mount Rainier on Wednesday morning.

Video from the volcano initially showed what appeared as a single vent of steam rising from the volcano, and within an hour a significant amount of white clouds gathered at the peak.

According to USGS Volcanoes, the behavior is not unusual.

The team at Mt. Rainier said it is not steam, but a cloud and they wanted to assure the public the volcano is not erupting.

According to NPS.gov, a new vent has not opened on the volcano. Data is not showing any unusual activity, and scientists are saying it is a lenticular cloud.

A lenticular cloud is formed when moist air is pushed up over the top of the mountain, forming a disc shaped cloud.

The Mount Rainier seismic network also shows no signs of unrest.