"I'm going to kill him" – Homeless man charged with harassing Seattle police officer

SEATTLE — A 32-year-old Seattle man who lists a homeless shelter as his address was charged in King County Superior Court with two counts of felony harassment after investigators said he threatened to kill a police officer.

The incident is alleged to have happened March 29 in Seattle’s University District.

In charging documents, prosecutors said Kevin Ray Beasley threatened to hurt to a Seattle Police officer who was trying to arrest him for an outstanding warrant.

Two officers noticed Beasley, based on his history of arrests, in an alley and went to speak to him.

In a probable cause document, the officers said they had talked to Beasley about his warrant a few weeks prior but “did not arrest (Beasley) at that time because they wanted to give (Beasley) time to get his personal belongings in order before he would be arrested."

Prosecutors said the officers again informed Beasley that he had a warrant and Beasley responded by asking the officers if he could ingest heroin and/or other substances prior to his arrest.

When police told him no, prosecutors said, Beasley became angry, confrontational and argumentative.

Prosecutors said Beasley specifically threatened the officers with the following phrases, among others:

"I'll catch you. I know what precinct you work at." 
 "I'm going to take you both out. I'm going to do the U district a favor."
 "It's going to be funny blowing your f------ brains all over your windshield, b----."

In their contact with Beasley weeks prior, police said they received information that Beasley was in possession of a firearm.

When officers informed Beasley that he was being recorded on body camera he said, “I don't care. I'm going to kill him, and I'm going to kill him. I said it bitch," according to prosecutors.

Prosecutors said Beasley then continued to threaten the officers saying:

"I'm not going anywhere because I'm going to wait for the moment I pop both of you right in the eye ball." 
"When I get free, I'm coming for you." 
"I know where you work, b----." 
"That's what I was planning to do, ride by and burn you."

When arresting Beasley, officers said they asked him if he had the firearm on him, to which he replied “Nope” and added, “you think I’m dumb enough to have it with me?”

Prosecutors said that just knowing he had access to a firearm “more than establishes a legitimate concern that he will commit a violent offense.”

The officers said that when taking Beasley into custody for the warrant they found half a gram of methamphetamine and half a gram of heroin on him.

Beasley is also charged with drug possession.

His criminal history includes multiple assault and drug possession convictions.

Beasley remains in the King County Jail in lieu of an $8,000 bail. His arraignment, where he will enter a plea, is expected later this month.

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