Hundreds of drivers flood tire centers after running over screws near Port Angeles

Hundreds of drivers with punctured tires have flooded Port Angeles area tire centers this week after running over screws on Highway 101 at the Morse Creek curve.

"Close to 400 since Monday morning," said Les Schwab Tire Center Manager Randy Schroeder. "It was like our snow rush without snow on the ground."

Since Monday, Discount Tire Center said they've seen an additional 60 to 70 customers a day who need their tires repaired from the same screws seen at Les Schwab Tire Center.

Both businesses extended hours this week and fixed flats for free but said hundreds of tires could not be repaired.

Brady Williams told KIRO 7 that he has to replace his truck's tires – one wheel has 22 screws in it and another has nearly a dozen.

"In just a normal tire, it could've very easily caused a blowout," said Williams.

The Washington State Patrol said the screws have not reportedly caused any crashes.

Troopers said they visited tire centers this week after learning about the screws on Highway 101 and have not received information indicating the screws were intentionally tossed on the road.

WSDOT used magnets to pick up screws on the highway, according to troopers, who said it's a reminder to secure loads.

"Customers are very frustrated because a flat tire is not something you plan on," said Schroeder.