Group files recall petition in court against Governor. Inslee, awaits judge’s approval

A group of citizens filed a recall petition against Gov. Jay Inslee, accusing him of violating his oath of office during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Recall Inslee,” which is based out of Thurston County, accuses Washington’s governor of five specific charges:

1. Violation of religious freedom

2. Blocking landlords’ access to courts

3. Violation of freedom of assemble

4. Violation of the emergency statute

5. Unauthorized invocation of emergency powers

“Recalls often fail because somebody says, ‘I want to recall this official because I don’t like what they did.’ That’s not going to make it through the courts. What’s going to make it are very well-reasoned charges that are substantiated by sufficient evidence,” C Davis, an organizer, said.

The group is awaiting judicial approval of the recall’s synopsis.

“The courts do not determine guilt or innocence. That’s what the voters will do. But the courts will determine if there is evidence, and that’s the sufficiency argument,” Davis said.

If approved, the group has 270 days to gather enough signatures to get on a future ballot.

“By statute, we need 25% of those who voted in the last gubernatorial election, which is 1,014,000,” Davis said. “We’ve got so many people now, that’s going to be the easy part of it.”

KIRO 7′s Essex Porter asked Inslee about the recall action after the governor signed a series of bills on Monday.

“Listen, I’m celebrating the biggest steps forward for the state of Washington today. That’s what’s on my mind. It’s a big day for the state of Washington. Thanks,” Inslee said before walking away.

When asked about the governor’s response, Davis called it “very consistent with the way Inslee has responded.”

“I wouldn’t sidestep. Who wants politicians who sidestep?” Davis said. “I think he was answering in a rather flippant, disrespectful, and sarcastic way.”