Grandmother attacked, robbed in Seattle's Rainier Beach neighborhood

SEATTLE — A grandmother was caught on surveillance video screaming for help while being robbed at about 11:30 a.m. Wednesday.

The robbery happened while she walked home from the bus stop in south Seattle.

KIRO 7 obtained the video that shows Mei Yeung being followed by a stranger. She walks out of view of the camera and suddenly the man starts jogging toward her.

You hear screams and then a struggle ensues with the man apparently covering her mouth and trying to grip a gold necklace around her neck.

The video shows Yeung breaking free and the man quickly grabbing her, pulling her back – she then hits the ground.

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Yeung told us she believes the man followed her from the nearby bus stop in the Rainier Beach area near Renton Avenue South and 61st Avenue.

Yeung said she was scared he had a weapon.

After the man ran off with her bag, Yeung gave chase.

Another video shows the man get into a black car and drive away.

Yeung’s daughter said, “She’s a tough lady,” and said it was hard for her to watch. “Unbelievable, bizarre because it was the daytime.”

Yeung’s daughter said her mom is now worried that man knows where she lives.

“I hope everyone can spread out the word to catch this guy as soon as possible to make her (mom) feel safer,” Yeung’s daughter said.

It was last month KIRO 7 reported about a string of robberies, mostly in the Rainier Valley, targeting Asian women.

No word on if what happened to Yeung is connected.

The family said a neighbor got a plate number and KIRO 7 reached out to Seattle Police asking if a suspect has been identified.