Florida woman claims Port Angeles doctor sexually assaulted her 4 years before his arrest

PORT ANGELES, Wash. — A Florida woman claims she alerted authorities four years before the arrest of a Port Angeles doctor, but officials there failed to take her story seriously.

Dr. Josiah Hill was arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting and raping female patients under his care at Olympic Medical Center’s emergency room.

Shavaria Webb-Green says authorities in Washington State reached out to her about a month ago. After speaking with three alleged victims in Port Angeles, authorities found a complaint Webb-Green filed with Tampa Police back in 2018.

“I knew what he did to me,” said Webb-Green. “I didn’t know that it was happening in another state.”

Court documents show all three women asked nurses, doctors, and others in administration at the medical center for help.

Some even filed formal complaints, yet the accused behavior spanned months.

Medical malpractice attorney Matt Menzer says there will be questions about whether those cries for help were taken seriously.

“I think you would naturally wonder if there was enough of these suspicious circumstances that had been noticed by other people at the hospital,” said Menzer.

Tara Robinson was one of the three alleged victims from Port Angeles. According to her brother, Brent Robinson, she passed away around the time of Dr. Hill’s arrest.

“I know that my sister would want justice to be seen out,” said Brent. “I’m really proud of the fact that she came forward. That just speaks volumes about her strong and courageous nature.”

Court documents show, despite formal complaints made to Olympic Medical Center, Hill continued to be her doctor.

“I wish they would have taken the complaints more seriously,” said Brent. “Why wasn’t this stopped long ago? As far as I understand, this was going on for some time. I don’t believe my sister wasn’t the first victim.”

Robinson says his sister went into cardiac arrest.