Family remembers man killed in Pierce County road rage shooting

PIERCE COUNTY, Wash. — The Pierce County Sheriff’s Department is investigating a road rage shooting that killed a DuPont father.

“It’s just the way things are getting to be in this society. You never know who you’re going to deal with and a lot of people are carrying guns,” said Mike Keohi, a Steliacoom resident.

Detective Ed Troyer said witnesses spotted a Chevrolet Silverado being driven recklessly on Chambers Creek Road near the wastewater treatment facility around 5 p.m. Wednesday.

The driver sped by several cars, then stopped in the street.

"Then he exited the truck holding a weapon and was angry,” Troyer said. “We’re still trying to determine what made him so angry. That’s yet to be determined. That being said, you don’t stop cars on a one-way road and exit with a weapon without something bad happening and here the worst possible thing that could happen happened.”

Moments after the man exited the truck, a passenger in a Dodge got out of his pickup. He was also armed.

Troyer said the men confronted each other.

The man from the Dodge truck shot and killed the man who’d stopped his Chevrolet truck in the street.

"The person who did the firing felt for his own life, other people’s lives, and he took what he felt were appropriate actions,” said Troyer.

The 42-year-old shooter wasn’t arrested.

The Pierce County Prosecutor’s Office said they’re still reviewing the incident to decide if the shooter will be charged.

The man killed has been identified as Darek Williams, 48.

His family told KIRO 7, “Our lives were forever altered on Jan 15, 2020. We are still in a state of shock at the death of Darek. He was a loving husband, a doting father, a son, a brother and a great friend. His death has left an unimaginable hole in so many people’s lives. Because this is an ongoing investigation, we are unaware of details but can say that from what we have seen in the media of the events this is not the Darek we know and love. We are hopeful at the conclusion of this investigation we will have answers that will help us gain some closure to this horrible tragedy. Darek served our country for 23 years in the Army; he loved his family and our country. He had a contagious smile; you couldn’t help but smile just from seeing his. That is the Darek we want everyone to know and remember. We appreciate the love and support from our community and your prayers are being felt. Please continue to respect the privacy of the family at this time.”

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