Famous preacher says evangelical Christians may have to hold their nose, vote

GRAHAM, Wash. — Thousands of people gathered at the state capitol Wednesday for one of America's best known evangelical preachers.

Franklin Graham was there to rally the Christian vote, but he wouldn't tell anyone for whom they should vote.

Graham offered multiple prayers for politicians but invited no political candidates to his Decision American 2016 rally.

However, the son of famed minister Billy Graham preached a lot of politics.

"I'm a progressive. That sounds good, right? All it means is just a code word that I'm an atheist," Graham told a crowd his organizers estimated at 5000 people.

Toni Brown lives in Graham, Washington, and responded with tears.

“It's really sad that we've gotten away from one nation under God,” she said.

Graham didn't say the names of Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, but he said all Christians should weigh the options and vote.

‘Which of the two will at least maybe listen to what we have to say. You'll have to make that choice. Now you might have to hold your nose,” Graham told the crowd.

Asked who he is going to vote for, Michael Hall, of Everett said, “I'm going to hold my nose.”

And vote for whom? “At this point, I couldn't tell you,” he said.

Karl Moegling is going for Trump.

“I guess I'm not holding my nose,” he said. “I have a hope that at least with him, I know what I'm getting. With Mrs. Clinton, I don't.”

But a poll done for those progressives Graham scorns showed Clinton with a 12 point lead in Washington State.

Graham said he has not endorsed Trump and will not endorse any candidate.

He said some 20-30 million evangelicals didn't vote in 2012. He believes they can make a difference this year.