Eastside law enforcement agencies develop project to deter catalytic convert thieves

BELLEVUE, Wash. — The Bellevue Police Department and eight other Eastside law enforcement agencies joined forces Thursday to develop a new project called CATCON ID, which officials hope will help prevent catalytic converter thefts.

Police will share all of their investigations, theft intelligence, and more to stop the trend of catalytic converter thefts and dishonest metal dealers from paying thieves big bucks for the metal.

Police said the CATCON ID project will include etching and painting catalytic converters with the last eight digits of the vehicle identification number, or VIN, which can prove a converter’s been stolen and trace it back to the owner.

When thieves see the ID under a car, it will dissuade them from sawing off a converter, authorities said.

Bellevue police said they will announce when events will be held on their Facebook and Twitter pages. The driver will be able to get their ID put on their converter for free.

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