Document shows foster-guardian relationship between Seattle mayor, accuser

A document obtained by KIRO 7 News reveals the foster father relationship between Mayor Ed Murray and one of his accusers.

Key developments: 

  • A 46-year-old man in Kent – who goes by the initials D.H. – filed a lawsuit last week claiming Murray sexually abused him.
  • Two other men -- Jeff Simpson and Lloyd Anderson – accused Murray of abusing them in the 1980s and paying them for sex.
  • Murray, 61, has denied the allegations, saying they were politically motivated.
  • Murray's attorney said the lawsuit has no merit after Murray's doctor exam.
  • KIRO 7 News talked to Simpson, who claimed on camera he was abused multiple times
  • A document obtained by KIRO 7 News shows a foster father relationship between Murray and Simpson.
  • Lawyers for D.H. are trying to get the judge thrown off the case.

A lawsuit filed in early April, claiming Murray sexually abused a homeless, drug-addicted teen, has prompted accusers to come forward with similar stories.

Two other men, not involved in the lawsuit, also claim abuse. KIRO 7 News talked to one of those men, named Jeff Simpson.

Simpson, now 49, lived in a Portland orphanage, where Murray worked. Simpson said he met Murray at age 6, and the abuse allegedly began when he was 13.

A document – authenticated and obtained by KIRO 7 News – reveals the foster-father relationship. It’s a 1982 Certificate of Approval to Maintain a Foster Home for Children from the Oregon Department of Human Services.

At the top of the document is the name Edward Murray, his Portland address, and the only child authorized to live in his home, Jeff Simpson.

Simpson said he moved in with Murray at age 15.

“He raped me for the first time at age 13,” Simpson told KIRO 7 News. “When I was living with him, it would be almost every night.”

Similar to the recent lawsuit claims, Simpson said Murray gave him money for sex and he’d use the cash for his drug habit.

After KIRO 7 News’ interview with Simpson, Murray’s defense team sent us a letter that Simpson had written to Murray in 2005. In the letter, despite years of alleged sexual abuse, Simpson complimented Murray after seeing him on television.

Simpson told KIRO 7 News that despite being repeatedly raped, Murray is the only “dad” he’s ever known.

Murray continues to deny the claims and says he does not plan to resign from his position.

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