Desperate search for missing pregnant woman from Parkland

PARKLAND, Wash. — There is a desperate search for a pregnant Parkland woman who has been missing since last last week.

Kassandra Cantrell was last seen leaving her Parkland home on a neighbor’s Ring video. That was last Tuesday, the day before she was to meet her best friend for her first ultrasound to determine if she was expecting twins, like her mother had with her and her brother.

There were no clues for deputies until her vehicle was found overnight in a place her mother says she would never go. Her car was found on East 25th Street near the Tacoma Dome.

All of this has her mother worried for her daughter’s safety, and that of her unborn child.

“I still call her, so does her brother,” said Marie Smith, her voice breaking. “We call her phone just to see. It shut off.”

Smith can hardly talk about her missing 33-year-old daughter, her excitement about her only daughter’s unexpected pregnancy, turning to dread. She recalls the last time they talked.

“I had accidentally woke her up,” she remembered. “And she told me to have a good day at work. And we did our funny voices. She’s like ‘love you.’ And I’m like ‘love you.’ And that was it.”

But she never kept the appointment, and fell off the social media radar.

“She wouldn’t just go dark on all her social platforms,” her mother said.

Overnight on Friday into Saturday morning, Cantrell’s 2014 Mazda M3 sedan was found abandoned underneath the overpass to Highway 705, some 10 miles from where she lives with her mother and stepfather, but there was no sign of her.

“What I hope, worst-case scenario, is that maybe she was carjacked and she’s just hurt somewhere.” Smith said.

But she worries, too, that the father of her daughter’s unborn child might somehow be involved.

“And I wouldn’t have suspected him if he wasn’t the father,” said Smith. “But he has a girlfriend so I don’t know what that might, you know, what that might have triggered.”

Pierce County Sheriff’s deputies have not given any indication as to what might have happened to Cantrell.

On Monday night, deputies served a search warrant at a Tacoma home in connection with Cantrell’s disappearance.

According to deputies, Cantrell’s friends believe she may have planned to go to a grocery store on Tuesday, but there have been no records of financial activity to show she went shopping.

Cantrell is described by deputies as being 5 feet, 7 inches tall, and weighing 180 pounds with brown hair.

Anyone who knows anything about her whereabouts is asked to call 911.

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