WA Rep. DelBene puts $3 million toward new sewer line for Snohomish

SNOHOMISH, Wash. — Washington Rep. Suzan DelBene has put $3 million dollars towards a new sewer line for the City of Snohomish.

DelBene presented the City of Snohomish with a $3 million dollar check for critical sewer system upgrades. DelBene got the money through the FY23 federal funding package and hopes that this money will go toward a new and more robust sewer line for Snohomish County.

With this increase in funding, the city will be able to complete its North sewer line extension project that aims to reinforce the system for increasing capacity needs in the near future. DelBene also hopes that this money may also unlock opportunities for increased and affordable housing while laying the foundation for future sustainable development.

“This federal funding paves the way for much-needed improvements to Snohomish’s sewer system while addressing the web of infrastructure gaps that have hindered the city’s housing and commerce development,” said DelBene, “This project will usher in a new era of expanded, reliable services with reduced maintenance needs, setting the stage for a more resilient and prosperous Snohomish.”