COVID-19 cases nearly triple in last 48 to 72 hours at Stanwood long-term care facility

STANWOOD, Wash. — The Snohomish Health District reported Friday that a COVID-19 outbreak has occurred at a Stanwood long-term care facility, and the number of cases has nearly tripled within the last 48 to 72 hours.

County health officials said they are actively supporting mitigation efforts at the Josephoine Caring Community in three affected areas.

Cases at the facility have increased since county health officials were notified about the first case on Oct. 26.

In the last two weeks, the number of cases has steadily increased, and it has tripled in the last 48 to 78 hours, with 94 total cases: 53 residents and 41 staff members.

“As we learned early on in this pandemic, COVID-19 infections can spread incredibly fast in congregate living environments like these,” said Dr. Chris Spitters. “This is why we have taken such drastic measures in Snohomish County and statewide to protect these vulnerable populations. I implore everyone to double-down their efforts so we can prevent more scenarios like this from happening.”

Officials said a COVID-19-focused infection control assessment and response visit is going to be held so that any additional interventions can be identified and recommended. Workers at the facility are implementing capacity strategies to mitigate their critical staffing shortage so that the needs of patients can be met.

Officials said, “The Health District continues to provide guidance on testing, as well as support in completing case investigations and contact tracing related to the outbreak. The facility is handling notifications and tracing for patients and staff, and the Health District will make notifications to those located outside of the facility.”