Court documents detail long running dispute between SPD officer, wife and Asian neighbor

SEATTLE — There are new details in the case of a Seattle police officer who’s in legal hot water because of a racist, profanity-laced rant against a neighbor.

Seattle Police Department Officer Burton Hill and his wife, who are white, are locked in an intense battle with the Asian neighbor in Kenmore. It played out in King County District Court on Monday.

The rant was sparked by a dispute over the couple’s dog. But it led to a racist, sexist, and profane rant from Hill toward their neighbor.

“Now you’re all pissed off, go f*** yourself,” said Officer Burton Hill. “You dumb b*****. You don’t own this place you stupid ****.”

That audio, obtained by The Stranger newspaper, recorded Officer Hill and his wife, Agnes Miggins, arguing with their neighbor Zhen Jin. It has led to an investigation into Officer Hill.

Court documents show this dispute has been going on for more than a year, each accusing the other of threats and intimidation.

In January, Hill’s wife filed a petition for protection, saying Jin “has called me names, spit on my dog, threatened to spit on me,” and that Jin “sends out accusatory emails to my neighbors.”

In April, Jin sought her own protection order against Miggins.

“Agnes has pounded on my front door, accompanied by her police officer husband, and made false accusations against me,” Jin wrote. “Agnes,” she says, “used her large, unleashed dog to intimidate and harass me.”

Jin calls it a hate crime.

It all led to this.

“I respect you,” Miggins is heard saying in the audio.

“The problem is, is her,” replied Officer Hill.

“You own here,” said Miggins.

“It’s mine,” said Jin, chuckling.

“And if you, you think that’s funny?” said Officer Hill. “You dumb f****** ch*****.”

Hill is the second SPD officer whose recorded words have gotten him in hot water. SPD Officers Guild Vice President Daniel Auderer’s body camera recorded him as he was on his way to assist in the investigation of a deadly accident, appearing to mock a 23-year-old graduate student, hit and killed by another SPD officer.

Soon after this latest audio was made public, Seattle Police Chief Adrian Diaz placed Officer Hill on paid administrative leave.

The Officer of Police Accountability confirmed late Monday it opened its investigation into Hill on August 18.

The OPA is investigating Daniel Auderer, too.