Couple’s car stolen in Milton reported for criminal activity in Seattle

MILTON, Wash. — Kia car thefts have become a common occurrence across Washington, and in some cases, the thieves are armed.

A couple in Pierce County had their vehicle stolen from their house overnight, and a few hours later, learned that their vehicle had been reported for criminal activity in another county.

Security footage from the Milton home of Edwin and Danielle Michaels on the night of Jan. 17 shows the moments when a man walked up their driveway with a gun, checking out their Kia van before hopping inside and stealing it.

“The thing I found the most disheartening about this video is one: He looks like he’s younger but also the fact he held the gun up without any regard for anyone who was in the vehicle — an almost brazen way to say, ‘I’m taking this van, period, end of story.’ And that hurt the most,” said Edwin Michaels.

A few hours later between midnight and 1 a.m. on Jan. 18, the Michaels were told their stolen van was reported for criminal and suspect activity in Seattle.

“When I opened the door and saw it was police, (an officer) asked me if I owned the Kia and I said yes. Then he said, ‘Well do you know where it is?’ And at that moment I kind of knew OK, well since you’re asking me, I’m guessing I don’t,” said Michaels.

The Milton and Seattle police departments are actively working on the case. With Kia thefts in King County popping up in Pierce County, we reached out to the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department and asked if such activity is becoming more common in the area.

Sgt. Darren Moss told us the department has seen such behavior since 2021, when the police pursuit laws changed.

While it’s not a new trend, the Michaels are understandably frustrated and upset about becoming the latest targets of car theft.

“The peace of mind that my kids once had, we’re working through to try and regain,” said Michaels.

The Michaels have been told their license plates may have been recovered from another vehicle but other than that, they have no further information about who stole their 2019 silver Kia Sedona van or where it could be.

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