Community supports mask exchange and food donation in Greenwood

VIDEO: Community supports mask exchange and food donation in Greenwood

SEATTLE — It’s a sign of the times we are living in.

“Just started off to decorate the tree,” Mike Fletcher said.

But what began as a humble masked bush outside a Greenwood home, has now taken a life of its own as a community mask exchange and food donation site.

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It’s all thanks to Fletcher and his neighbors.

“It’s a good opportunity to get involved, a great opportunity to feed the food banks and they’re hurting really bad right now,” Fletcher said.

The masks are made by a group of six women.

Folks are encouraged to stop by the bush, which is on the corner of NW 81st Street and 1st Ave NW. They can pick up a mask in exchange for three or more cans of food which will be donated to local food banks.

Marv Boyd lives in Queen Anne and made a point to stop by with a bag of food and to get a mask.

“People are really getting together here and doing something and it’s for a good cause,” Marv Boyd said.

Since starting the exchange a week ago, Fletcher says they've given out 100 masks and received about 450 food items so far.

“A lot of people are dropping off food. They don’t even need a mask or we’re out of masks and they leave food for the food bank which is great,” Fletcher said.

The idea has taken off. It’s proof what can happen when a community comes together.

Fletcher is now calling on you to do your part.

“We need more mask makers or the other great idea people have been talking about is this could happen in every neighborhood in Seattle,” Fletcher said.

Helping out your neighbors - in more ways than one.