Car windows shot out on highway, WSP searching for suspect

THURSTON COUNTY, Wash. — Kaitlin Moore’s white SUV sits in her driveway with a shattered driver’s side window.

She said she can’t believe someone shot at her family’s car just miles away from her house.

“All of a sudden, after the two loud bangs, our window shattered and it scared all of us really bad,” she said.

Moore said her boyfriend, Corey, was behind wheel. They were driving on Highway 510 just outside of Yelm Saturday, heading home from a family dinner in Lacey.

Suddenly, they heard shots.

“It just came in over top the mirror, hit the window and ricocheted over here leaving the dent in the side of the vehicle,” she said.

Moore said she immediately worried for her kids in the backseat. Her 9-year-old daughter, Madison, said she went into shock.

“I just froze. I couldn't do anything, I didn't think anything, all I thought was I didn't want to get hit,” said Madison.

Washington State Patrol said there were a handful of incidents that happened Saturday night. Troopers said someone could be hitting cars with rocks or BB pellets.

“We’ve also come up with the possibility that someone’s shooting marbles out of a paintball gun maybe, but it was definitely a shot out of something,” said Moore.

Around 9:30 p.m. Saturday, dispatchers received multiple reports from people saying their windows were shattered.

WSP said it happened in Olympia and Lacey, including on Highway 510 and 89th Street, Sleater Kinney Road Southeast, Martin Way East and 3543 Marvin Road SE.

“We don’t want someone to get hurt, let alone killed, and that could be a possibility with driving down the road,” said Moore.

Moore believes the vehicle firing the shots was either a truck or an SUV with a work rack on top.

Authorities said they haven’t been able to track down a suspect.

If you know anything, or if you had this happen to you, call police.

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