Bothell officer shot, killed by another officer during crossfire, investigators say

VIDEO: Community reacts to Bothell officer who died as result of friendly fire

BOTHELL, Wash. — As detectives continue their investigation into the death of a Bothell officer, court documents show they believe Officer Jonathan Shoop was shot and killed by the other officer inside his patrol car.

On Monday, investigators said officers Jonathan Shoop and Mustafa Kumcur tried to pull over a car, but the driver sped away.

Documents say the driver, who was later identified as Henry Eugene Washington, crashed, got out of his car and opened fire on the shot officers’ patrol SUV.

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According to investigators, Washington approached Shoop’s door, and Washington fired two rounds into the patrol SUV. A bullet broke the driver’s side window, and the other hit Kumcur’s firearm, which ricocheted and struck him in the head.

Investigators believe officer Kumcur fired back multiple times and one of the shots hit and killed Shoop.

On Friday, the Bothell city manager reacted to the information and released this statement:

“This was a chaotic chain of events that occurred over the span of close to only two seconds. The officers were still in their vehicle and were quickly approached by a suspect with a firearm. Based on the investigation updates, it appears there was a tragic crossfire situation that resulted in the death of one of our officers. Let us be clear, we believe the actions of the suspect led to this tragic event.”

Washington has been charged with aggravated first-degree murder, first-degree attempted murder and vehicular assault.

VIDEO: Bothell officer shot, killed by another officer during crossfire, investigators say