Black bear, cubs euthanized after becoming too comfortable with humans in North Bend

Wildlife officers put down a mother bear and her cubs after they were reportedly “too habitualized” to humans. According to the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife, the decision was not made lightly. Officers report the bears had no fear of humans and had become reliant on trash for food.

Melissa Grant runs the blog “Living Snoqualmie.” She says for the past month or so, the family of bears has been roaming her North Bend neighborhood.

“She’s been escalating, breaking into cars and sheds,” said Grant.

Grant tells KIRO 7 run-ins became so frequent that she began carrying bear spray on her daily walks.

“We had airhorns; they didn’t work. Yelling didn’t work,” said Grant. “I even drove my car at the family group once and they didn’t move.”

Grant says last Friday a family down the road was stunned to find the mother and her cubs in their backyard.

“She trashed the picnic table, stole their lunch, then shoved herself halfway through their kitchen window and stole some pasta salad off the kitchen table,” said Grant.

According to Fish and Wildlife, the following Wednesday the mother broke into a van. She trashed it and locked herself inside. Officers noticed a yellow tag on her ear, indicating she’s had problematic human encounters before.