Belltown Hellcat driver Miles Hudson ordered to pay $83K in fines

SEATTLE — Miles Oliver Hudson, the 20-year-old also known as the Belltwon Hellcat driver, was ordered by a Seattle municipal judge Tuesday to pay $83,619.93 in fines for racing his loud Dodge Charger through the streets of Seattle.

Hudson was also fined for failing to comply with court orders to modify the exhaust system of his car.

He appeared in court with his face and head completely covered in a mask and sunglasses.

Hudson told the judge his car was in shop being modified - and he did show Seattle Police Department detectives his car - but officers say he refused to completely cooperate.

Police told Hudson and the judge the inspection would be considered incomplete due to his refusal to cooperate.

The judge then ordered Hudson to pay $83,619.93 to the city of Seattle.

Seattle City Attorney Ann Davison said Hudson cultivated online infamy by flagrantly breaking Seattle’s laws and waking his neighbors with excessive noise, saying it was time for Hudson to face the consequences of his actions.

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