Attempted carjacking of Renton pizza delivery driver leads to crash into building

Teenagers in Renton on a wild crime spree started by trying to carjack a pizza delivery driver and ended by destroying a barn.

The teens are also accused of successfully carjacking another victim and breaking into an apartment.

Renton police say they ended up booking a 14-year-old and a 15-year-old into the King County Juvenile Detention Center.

It started at 11:33 p.m. on Aug. 10 when officers responded to reports of teens trying to carjack a pizza delivery driver at a condo complex off Petrovitsky Road in Renton.

“One was pointing a gun. They demanded his car, but he had a manual transmission and they apparently couldn’t drive it,” said Detective Robert Onishi with the Renton Police Department.

Then investigators say the two teens successfully carjacked someone else in that same parking lot.

About 20 minutes later, investigators say they got another call from an apartment complex about a half mile away.

“The mother was reporting her 12-year-old son had been in his bedroom with the window open,” Onishi said. Investigators believe the same teens broke into that open window on the ground floor.

“One pulled a gun out of his fanny pack and displayed it to him (the 12-year-old) and told him to sit down and keep quiet,” Onishi said. “Ransacked things, ended up taking his PlayStation, some name brand shoes, some other property,” he said.

As officers responded to this scene, they found the teens driving at “an extraordinarily high rate of speed” westbound on Petrovitsky Road.

Officers did not pursue the car but followed it west, and it was last seen passing the intersection of Benson Drive.

A few moments later, officers found the teens after they had crashed into a barn in the 900 block of Southeast Carr Road.

The building partially collapsed onto the car, and police say the teens fled, barricading themselves inside the partially collapsed building.

“The car was buried and invisible inside. Officers did risk that structure and go in, and did eventually take four juveniles into custody,” Onishi said.

Police say two of the four teens, ages 14 and 15, were identified as the teens in the armed robbery and attempted carjacking and were booked into the King County Juvenile Detention Center.

Onishi said the 14-year-old is a female with an unknown address, and the 15-year-old is a male with a Seattle address.

A BB gun was also recovered at the scene on top of the vehicle, though police said they would be searching the car for additional evidence and weapons.

The two teens will be charged with robbery, burglary and attempted auto theft. The investigation may determine additional charges or arrests.