Around the Sound: Preview a bite of Seattle Restaurant Week this weekend

SEATTLE — If you’re looking for a tasty treat this weekend, head to The Collective for Seattle Restaurant Week’s preview! You can enjoy tasty bites from 15 hand-selected chefs representing participating restaurants.

Chef Nicco Muratore from Mamnoon will be representing the restaurant at the event on Saturday. Co-Founder Wassef Haroun describes his restaurant’s menu as Levantine cuisine, which combines Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine to present them in a modern way.

“We have a lot of elements that come from different parts,” Haroun described. “I’m Syrian and American now, my wife is Syrian as well, and we’re trying to bring our culture and present it in a modern and accessible way.”

With the Seattle Restaurant Week preview this weekend, you can imagine Mamnoon is busy. Their feature food involves grape leaves and is extremely labor intensive.

“Our dolmeh has a little twist to it,” he said. “It’s slightly Persian style, it has herbs in it that will give you interesting flavors you don’t typically find in a dolmeh -- it’s finished with crispy shallots and a sauce made out of emulsion of garlic and oil.”

Mamnoon is all about featuring local vegetables and ingredients. They’re counting down the days of corn season and that’s exactly what they’re featuring to give this classic a twist.

“Historically we haven’t been part of restaurant week it used to be just about a deal,” Haroun said. “Getting a meal for a lot less money and since the pandemic the organization has changed and made it more about discovery and a lot more about adapting the offering to what makes sense for the restaurant, and we’re actually really excited about that.”

You can buy tickets for the event here.