Arlington gym reopens in protest of stay-at-home order

ARLINGTON, Wash. — A gym in Arlington has reopened in protest of Gov. Jay Inslee’s stay-at-home order.

Gyms are not allowed to reopen until phase three of the order which, at the earliest, would be five weeks from now.

However, the owner of PA Fitness, Mike Jellison, said he’s not waiting and has put in extra safety measures for members.

“Be an adult. Let’s do some adulting and we should be fine,” Jellison told KIRO 7.

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Jellison said the gym has put extra people on the floor to help with cleaning and screening measures have been added.

As soon as members enter the front door, they have their temperature taken and they sign a waiver.

Jellison said every member gets their own cleaning bottle and towel for equipment. Machinery is spaced out, cardio equipment has been rearranged, and Jellison said he taped off machines that should not be used.

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“I feel safer coming into his gym than I would a walk-in clinic right now,” said Kevin Hassan, a PA Fitness member.

The number of members allowed in at one time is limited and members are also limited to 90 minutes inside.

Jellison said he’s following guidelines from his insurance company and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. He said he’s not too concerned about someone getting the coronavirus inside the gym.

“If you have a compromised immune system, I would suggest you stay home and take care of yourself,” Jellison said.

Jellison said several hundred people showed up to work out Monday, showing there is a demand. He also said for now, he won’t listen to the state demands that he close the facility.

“It’s against our constitutional rights. If anyone went out and read the Fourth th Amendment they’d understand,” Jellison said.