Anti-harassment protection order filed against Pierce County sheriff

TACOMA, Wash. — An attorney representing a Black newspaper carrier who is suing Pierce County and Sheriff Ed Troyer has filed a temporary anti-harassment protection order against the sheriff.

The order, filed by attorney Vonda Sargent, went into effect Monday. Sargent alleges that Troyer followed Sedrick Altheimer on several occasions while he was driving his paper route.

The order says Troyer is restrained from contacting Altheimer, following him, or being within 500 feet of his home or workplace.

The confrontation started about 2:15 a.m. on Jan. 27., 2021, after Troyer said he noticed a vehicle driving in and out of neighboring driveways, which he found suspicious. Planning to jot down the vehicle’s license plate number, Troyer drove his personal vehicle to the street. He did not take his badge or gun.

Altheimer, who said the sheriff was following him, eventually stopped and asked Troyer what he was doing.

That’s when Troyer called 911.

In a nearly five-minute call with dispatchers, Troyer said three times that he was threatened by the man and asked for Tacoma police to send one or two patrol cars to the scene.

Instead, the sheriff’s call triggered an urgent signal to all local law enforcement that an officer was in trouble and 42 officers, deputies and troopers responded. Nearly all were called off after the first Tacoma officers arrived and found no danger.

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