50 arrested this year in crimes related to Bellevue Home Depot

BELLEVUE, Wash. — More than 50 people have been arrested at the Bellevue Home Depot this year for crimes including shoplifting, robbery and possession of a stolen vehicle.

Bellevue police partnered with Home Depot to reduce shoplifting and criminal activity in and around the business.

During a recent emphasis patrol, which included uniformed officers and undercover detectives, two suspects were stopped from selling stolen goods, according to police.

Store security guards told officers that a vehicle that entered the parking lot was associated with a recent theft of a pressure washer at the Bothell Home Depot.

Detectives watched as one of the suspects sold a pressure washer to someone in the parking lot.

Detectives found pictures from the Bothell theft and saw the suspects were wearing the same clothing. They were arrested and booked into jail. Both were released the next day.

“Each sector captain in the city is routinely analyzing crime statistics from the police department’s new transparency and accountability dashboards to identify area hotspots for criminal activity.

“They then develop specific anticrime operations for that area.

“The operations are conducted on different days and times to be the most effective,” a news release from the Bellevue Police Department said.