2 million more Washingtonians now eligible for vaccine in tiers 3, 4

SEATTLE — An additional 2 million people now qualify for their COVID-19 shots after the state moved into phase 1B, tiers 3 and 4, on Wednesday.

In addition, the state’s Phase Finder tool is no longer required to verify eligibility and has been discontinued. Phase Finder was an online questionnaire people were required to take to prove they were eligible to get vaccinated.

Health officials said the goal is to get as many vulnerable community members vaccinated as soon as possible before vaccine eligibility is opened to all people 16 and older on April 15. Removing Phase Finder will speed up that process, and health officials said they trust most people will continue to do the right thing and wait their turn.

Here’s who’s eligible under phase 1B, tiers 3 and 4 starting Wednesday, March 31:

  • Anyone 60 and older.
  • People 16 and older with two or more comorbidities.
  • People, staff and volunteers in certain congregate living settings, including:

o Group homes for people with disabilities.

o Correctional facilities.

o Settings where people experiencing homelessness live or access services.

  • High-risk critical workers in certain congregate settings including:

o Restaurants.

o Food services.

o Construction.

o Manufacturing.

Comorbidities are certain underlying medical conditions, such as heart disease, cancer or diabetes, which could make someone more vulnerable to severe complications from COVID-19.

Those who are in earlier phases are still eligible for the vaccine.

Anyone who has questions about when they are eligible can find the vaccine phases here. Find a vaccine near you at this link.