Jesse Jones

Jesse Jones: He sold a car, but Good to Go kept sending bills for over a year

A 2008 Chevy Aveo is still costing the previous owner, even over a year after he sold it.

Gary Bryant told Jesse Jones the new owner has been cruising toll-free for more than a year.

“They know who has the car. They have his address,” Bryant said.

Bryant said he sold the car last September and he’s been receiving the new owner’s toll bills, which were a couple hundred dollars at first. Then it grew to $1,100 total.

Bryant said he sold the car, filed the bill of sale with the Department of Licensing, but forgot to take the plates off.

Bryant filed a complaint with Good to Go in December, but the new owner had been driving 405 and raking up the bills.

Good to Go said it will waive the tolls, but don’t have a timeline to get the cash from the real culprit.

There was a system issue and Good to Go couldn’t flag the sale until June, so the new owner kept driving on the old plates for free.

“He’s kind of a shoplifter,” said Patty Michaud, a customer service operations manager for Good to Go. “It was a combination of a delay getting to his case, a backlog due to a staff shortage, and then an issue that we were having with the old flag. But primarily, it’s a person who’s driving illegally and not following the law to remove the plates.”

“Why harass me for a year?” Bryant countered. “If you’re just going to write it off, why harass me for making one little oversight, while this other person is actually committing crimes on a daily basis?”

Good to Go said these cases are rare and have written off $315,000 in unassigned tolls in the last two years.

“It sends a really bad message to the public when people who are errant aren’t being made to correct their mistake, and the rest of us have to pay for that,” Bryant said.

“There’s a certain number of amount of tolls that are not transferred over to the new owner that we do intend to pursue,” Michaud said. “We’re going to pursue these tolls once we have a system fixed in place.”

Michaud adds she didn’t know when that new system will start.

Bryant told Jesse Jones his bills have been wiped clean, even a new one he just got for $7.