GameStop in Seattle’s Roxhill neighborhood is third location targeted by robbers in weeks

SEATTLE — Another GameStop store in western Washington has been robbed, according to Seattle police. The incident took place in the Roxhill neighborhood Sunday afternoon, where customers and employees were held at gunpoint.

Two armed, masked men entered the GameStop on Southwest Barton Street and stole cash and a customer’s wallet before fleeing the scene. Seattle police are currently searching for the suspects.

This is the third GameStop store to be targeted in western Washington in just the last two weeks. On March 4, a masked suspect entered a Gig Harbor location and drew a gun on the clerk. Just days later on March 7, someone drove a stolen car into the storefront of a GameStop in Tacoma.

Loyal customer Pedro Rosario told KIRO 7′s Lauren Donovan they believe GameStop is attractive to criminals because of the cash they keep on hand, and because they resell high-value devices and consoles.

“It’s sad to see they’re being targeted,” said Rosario. “They don’t have much protection, they don’t have much security.”

Jim Fuda with Crime Stoppers of Puget Sound agrees. He says GameStop stores are vulnerable in the same way pot shops, pawn stores and jewelers are.

“It’s happening everywhere and if they get away with it, they’re going to go to another GameStop or another similar type store,” said Fuda.