Fast food prices on the rise in Seattle area

SEATTLE — When customers at the Seattle Center McDonald's ordered their lunchtime meals today, some noticed higher prices.

A large soft drink has jumped to $1.59. Head east to Bellevue and you will find the same drink for $1.

A manager blames Seattle’s increase in minimum wage and some customers are not happy about it.

"It's not fair. I'm from Tacoma, so it's like, there's like a big difference in the price,” said Joseph Eneli.

The group "Working Washington" pushed for the $15 an hour wage and a spokesperson tells KIRO 7 the higher prices aren't surprising, based on studies from UW and UC Berkley.

"We'd expect to see between a 3 percent and 6 percent increase, little more than 1 percent a year, less than inflation, probably, and definitely far less than rent is rising," said Sage Wilson.

"Working Washington" maintains that, in exchange, 100,000 Seattle workers are getting a living wage.

Franchisees were among the most vocal opponents of the $15 an hour minimum wage.

Subway owners predicted sandwich prices would go up $1.

Prices have increased by about a quarter at the Seattle Subways we checked.

Subway customer Jason Drame told KIRO 7, "If it's something that, at the heart of it, help

Despite predictions that the minimum wage would result in fewer employees being hired, Subway and McDonald’s restaurants throughout Seattle are hiring.

In a statement to KIRO 7, the Western Washington McDonald's Owners Cooperative said: “Price increases are due to a variety of reasons and there isn’t any one factor that determines menu items pricing. Many of the Seattle restaurants (for example the location where this beverage was purchased) are undergoing major renovations and improvements to bring our customers a fresh new experience, we’ve improved our employment packages (beyond the required wage increase) and have made other changes with the customer in mind, including the incorporation of breakfast all day. All of these initiatives and more contribute to pricing. We remain proud to offer the people of Seattle great food and beverages at a great value.”