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Some Bellevue teachers to come to class wearing Black Lives Matter T-shirts

A number of teachers and staff in the Bellevue School District are expected to come to class Tuesday showing their support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

This is something the school district has not done before. The event is put on by a private group, Educators for Justice.

Organizers say they have seen a rise in cases of discrimination within the school district in recent months and  want to raise awareness.

Teachers and staff are expected to come to campuses wearing Black Lives Matter T-shirts.

Seattle teachers put on a similar event last year.

Thousands wore custom made shirts and buttons that raised awareness about racial inequality in school.

But what's different about Bellevue is that according to the organizers' website, they are planning to do the "day of action" every Monday for the rest of the school year.

Teachers in Bellevue will be wearing shirts with this message on the back:

I stand for and with all my students who are targeted due to their race, gender, orientation, immigration status and or religion.

On the organizers site, so far they have sold 230 Black Lives Matter T-shirts raising more than $2,000. The money will be used for need-based scholarships for students of color.