Debunked: Article claiming ‘seismic unrest' at St. Helens lacks scientific support

An article shared thousands of times on Facebook about so-called “seismic unrest” at Mount Saint Helens lacks scientific evidence and support, according to the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network.

KIRO 7 News’ digital team did some research after the Feb. 8 article started to trend. We took the story to the experts at PNSN.

"Our director would call Dutchsinse 'complete hogwash and has no shame in promoting horror notices for clickbait,'" a PNSN spokesperson wrote to KIRO 7 in a statement.
"We are not able to predict earthquakes yet. Although scientists have long tried to predict earthquakes, no reliable method has been discovered. Seismologists are still trying to understand the frequency and hazards of earthquakes."
PNSN encourages people to rely on organizations like U.S. Geological Survey for information rather than bloggers.
A team with PNSN conducted fieldwork at Mt. St. Helens on Monday Feb. 8. 
On that day a magnitude 2.9 quake was reported near the mountain, but PNSN says nothing unusual is happening in the Pacific Northwest in regard to earthquakes or volcanoes.

PNSN says anyone interested in earthquake prediction can take a look at this lecture with their director, Dr. Steve Malone.


A little more than 35 years have passed since Mount St. Helens erupted in Washington -- killing 57 people and raining ash throughout the state.