Body buried under Arlington garage, wife arrested

A woman who claimed her cheating husband left her is accused of killing him and burying him under the garage.

"I saw a lot of people digging,"  says Bob Watson, who lives next to the Arlington home where officers showed up with a search warrant and sledge hammers last night.
A cut slab of concrete is where they recovered human remains believed to be the ex-husband of 48-year-old Michele Donohue.
"At first, they were pretty nice neighbors it's just--it spiraled down," said Donohue.
According to court papers, a man living on the property contacted authorities in December and claimed Donohue stabbed her ex-husband to death in 2004.  The witness confessed he and two other men put the dismembered body in the trash then buried the bags under the concrete.
"This is crazy, this only happens in the movies.  This is not real," said Lindsey Johnson, who lives with Donohue.
Authorities have not released an identification on the remains but Donohue filed for divorce from Byron Wright in 2004.  She claimed he ran off with a girlfriend and left her the property.
Boeing fired Wright when he didn’t show up for work.  Wright’s friend, Dave Molstad, says Donohue told him a similar story.
"She said he left or something. He was a nice guy,"  said Molstad.
Officers say Donohue made more than $200,000 selling property and from Wright’s retirement plan. 
Although Wright was likely dead, Donohue filed a restraining order and put an ad in the paper looking for him.  Now, officers say she knew where he was all along.
"It's a little spooky,"  said Molstad.
Officers say the witness and the two men accused of helping Donohue will not be arrested because the statute of limitations has run out on what they could be charged with.
Donohue is being held on $1 million bail.