Ferguson protest interrupts Seattle tree lighting; 5 arrested

Five Seattle protesters have been arrested in a Ferguson, Missouri demonstration  in response to Monday's grand jury decision to not indict Officer Darren Wilson in the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown.

The "Black Lives Matter" protest started Friday afternoon when dozens of people walked into Westlake Mall chanting, "No justice, no peace."

After leaving the mall, the group tried to keep a gate open at the Westlake bus tunnel entrance, but police closed it. The protesters then went to Pacific Place Mall.

One person was arrested after kicking an officer's bicycle. Click here to see photos.

Officers used pepper spray on protestors at Pike and Boren. Two more people were arrested at the police line. 

Protesters returned to Westlake Mall, and they were in front of the tree lighting show. Some parents told KIRO 7 that their children were frightened by the protest. 

 Two more people were arrested at the tree lighting for assaulting police.

“While I understand the hurt and frustration that our city has experienced in the past days, this is a city that respects the rule of law. I support the First Amendment rights of protestors, but violence against property or police officers will not be tolerated in our city," Mayor Ed Murray said in a statement.

Security told customers that the mall was not safe when the protestors were inside. Protestors reached the top floor of the mall and occupied the balcony area, where they climbed the equipment used for the Westlake tree-lighting show.

Seattle police came to the top floor to force the line of protestors back downstairs. Once in the lobby, dozens of people laid on the floor, continuing to chant refrains about the people they feel were unjustly killed by police.

The group left Westlake Mall around 5:30 p.m., and finished their rally outside. Westlake Mall officials closed the building at that time.

Local crowds were not calm on Monday after the grand jury decision was announced; five protesters were arrested in Seattle. Police said the demonstrators threw bottles, rocks, and cans of food and lit flares at officers, shortly before getting onto Interstate 5.

Protests continue in Ferguson and other cities on Black Friday.  

At least 200 protesters gathered at a large St. Louis suburban mall. Several stores lowered their security doors and locked entrances. The protest prompted authorities to close the mall for about an hour.

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