Who’s hiring? Resources to help you with your Covid-19 economic recovery

In the race to recover from the Covid19 Pandemic and recession some industries are leading the charge. KIRO 7 TV is committed to helping our region recover and spotlighting the industries that are offering jobs now - and have the best chance for long term growth and stability. Tune in every day this week at 5:30 PM.

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The tech industry is one of the few that has more jobs than before the pandemic. And they’re not as out of reach as you might think.

It’s not just tech companies that have tech jobs. Nearly every industry, from banking to retail has some sort of technology component which drives the demand for for people to make it all work. Likewise, many tech companies hire for non-technical roles allowing people to transfer their skills into the industry.

Here are some resources to get you started:

Learn about the different types of tech jobs in the beginner’s guide to getting a job in tech, from General Assembly.

More places to learn:

Construction jobs were some of the first to bounce back, and they’re hiring now.

Trades require apprenticeships that last several years and cover certain specialties. But even apprentices start earning money and get paid benefits right away. Recruitment is cyclical, with iron workers bringing in 15 to 30 new apprentices every month. You don’t have to have experience, but training coordinators recommend brushing up on basic math and how to use a measuring tape. Applications can be competitive.

Learn about all the trades and pre-apprenticeship programs here.

Check out the KIRO 7 jobs page here.

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