• Earl Thomas will return on Monday Night Football

    By: David Solano


    RENTON, Wash. - All-Pro safety Earl Thomas is getting ready to make his return on Monday Night Football. 

    Thomas has missed the last two games with a hamstring injury. 

    "I just had to try and fight mentally just to have a positive attitude,” said Thomas. “Attitude is very big with me because I'm always in my head, so just having a positive attitude for the team. I'm just going to play my game, communicate, get to my spots, and have fun out there."

    Thomas returns to a Seahawks secondary that's still adjusting to life without Pro Bowl cornerback Richard Sherman.

    "Obviously, we are going to miss Sherm,” said Thomas. “We are going to miss Sherm and Kam. You can't replace those guys."

    Russell Wilson said he will be fine for Monday Night Football after taking a vicious hit last Thursday.
    As for Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, he said his jaw has been very sore after taking a hard hit from Arizona's Karlos Dansby last week.

    Dansby was fined $18,231 by the NFL for that hit. Wilson said he couldn't eat solid foods for days after what happened.

    "I was lucky. I was pretty close [to breaking my jaw]. The doctor was like, 'Man, any harder and we probably would have had to wire your mouth shut. So that was a good thing that didn't happen," said Wilson.

    Wilson also shared his thoughts about the NFL's investigation into a possible violation of the league's concussion protocol by the Seahawks. 

    "I think that the league's got to do what they've got to do and obviously it's really important for player safety and everything like that. I was completely fine, just my jaw got busted up pretty good as you guys can see,” said Wilson. “But we're cooperating and doing everything that we can to make sure we that we do it the right way."

    And how excited is Wilson for Monday Night Football? 

    “It’s just another game, you know. Every game is a good game, every game is exciting, but I think that for us, I thank God every day that I get to play the game. This is going to be another opportunity for us to go out and show what we can do, and every opportunity that you get is a good opportunity.”

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